Wednesday, April 15, 2009


it was back in 2003, i think (close to 6 years ago), when i saw magic, onstage, at the sandestin smooth jazz festival.

cat had turned me on to brian culbertson in the past, but this performance was different. ..dude was sooooooo fired-up and locked-in that several hundred of us cheeze eating, wine drinking, lounge-chair lazies rushed the stage (only to be held back by police & security guards).

it wasn't our fault.

brian had hit the stage, and, before saying a word, held out both hands and gave the crowd that "come a little closer" move that you do with your fingers -- instantly turning a wonderful day of smooth, mellow jazz into pandemonium.

click on either video (below, in blue) for a tiny glimpse of the passion that is brian culbertson.

of course, these videos can never do justice to what happened outside on that day -- dancing in the florida sunshine to the sound and sight of electric, explosive, harmonic Heaven!

i still get chills.

brian culbertson (snippets)

"our love" by brian culbertson

brian performs with a talented group of musicians, including his father, and at times you'll get a cameo visit from his wife.

if you ever get the chance to see him live... not think twice.

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