Tuesday, April 7, 2009

cataratas de la fortuna

around la fortuna, you'll be fortunate enough to view many a waterfall.

below: we decided take the 2-hour walk to la cataratas de la fortuna, and stopped at many interesting places along the way.

an art gallery on every curve of the dirt road.

a river runs through all of it.

below: art comes in many forms (note the spanish menu)

below: amazing wood art

dancing trees

can you say "hammock" and "souveniers" at the same time?

(yes, that's the spanish spelling of souvenir... si?)


when we were almost to the parque's entrada, we asked a departing couple (from france) how the main catarata looked. ..they said that they didn't see it, because they didn't know that there was an entry fee and didn't bring dinero.

we convinced them to come with us, and covered the small fee (meaning that we've now got friends in paris for life). ..right: cedric & felicie.

left: volcano arenal, as seen from the parking lot of the cataratas ecological reserve. ..you can't see the color of the lava (rojo y orange) during the daytime.

below: the trek to the catarata

below: three bridges and a rain forest


below: catarata de la fortuna

below: the natural pool

below: yes. ..those are fish!

left: the river

below: lenny gets battered by the catarata de la fortuna.
the power of this waterfall is impossible to describe.

below: finito (lenny, jacqueline, cedric, y felicie

you'll see many more cataratas in future posts. .."hanging bridges" will feature the puentes colgantes del arenal. ..the arenal hike (another future post) also features several cataratas.


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