Friday, March 20, 2009

you know you live on caye caulker when...

* you watch the moon rise as the sun sets.

* you ride your one-speed bike to the grocery store.

* you are overjoyed to have your own bathroom.

* most of the menus are in chalk, on the outside of each establishment.

* instead of "happy hours," they have "happy days."

* when you say "good morning," the response greeting is "go slow."

* every day, new faces arrive and old ones leave.

* sunset is at the "lazy lizard."

* sunset is also on the roof, with rand(om) yoga.

* none of the roads are paved.

* "ambergris caye" is considered to be too fast, too crowded, and too commercialized.

* the five major food groups are:

1. amor-y,
2. rice & beans,
3. fruit,
4. grilled seafood, and
5. belikin beer

* no shirt, no shoes, and no re-collection of problems.

* you eat breakfast at amor-y, lunch at the split, and dinner at rose's. ..yum!

* your best friends are a thousand miles away, and you long to see them (soon).

* the moon rises over "tina's hostel."

* instead of squirrels rustling, you have iguanas, crossing.

* and on, and on, and on...


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