Thursday, March 19, 2009

words of wisdom

on a daily basis, i'm lucky enough to hear from friends & family who consistently relate ideas that are (i.m.h.o.) profound.

my sister (clare) and i had been chatting away on an e-mail thread, and i mentioned something about this intermittent feeling (fear?) that i have -- about not "making it" or not "proving myself" (especially on a world-wide journey of this kind). ..i mean, shouldn't i have a real job???

clare's response was simple, clean and dead-on profound. ..she said:

"Making it" is truly an ego thing.
"Proving oneself" is not a community activity, either. (Hence the 'oneself').

If we allow the world-at -large to determine whether or not we have "arrived",

we do ourselves a disservice.
And THAT is the sin.

-clare dunn

thank you, clare, for freeing me up from my own, self-imposed expectations.'s great to be re-Mind-ed that each of us is perfectly okay, just as we are, on our own magical journeys to Noplace.

maybe your words will re-Mind & inspire a blog-reader or two, and begin a ripple (effect) that resonates out, far beyond any imaginable destination.




  1. Lenster!
    I have the same feelings bro! But like we discussed over Belikin stouts (or drafts, who the hell remembers) there are soooo many that WE might feel have "made it" only to hear stories of guys like US and they question their own "decisions". We are where we are NOW based on a series of decisions in the past. Most folks who think they've "made it" don't have a FRIEND like YOU to question that "status". I'm GLAD I have a friend like YOU to remind ME! I'm not going to be wearing a "LIFE IS CRAP" shirt anytime soon!
    And thank you Clare!


  2. Outlaw!

    Yes, it's a good thing that those (fleeting) thoughts of inadequacy can be overcome by having good friends/family re-Mind us of how much we've actually done.

    Everyone contributes to the Dance. Life IS Soooooooooooooo GOOD!

    Maybe those temporary (inadequacy) thoughts are blessings also -- keeping us interested enough to reach for the next apple (or go to the next Springsteen concert).

    Maybe... it's all part of the Game.