Saturday, March 21, 2009

who's who on caye caulker

when you visit caye caulker, you'll want to know who's who. works better when you call people by the most pleasant sound to their ears -- their own first name. ..pete, this post will bring back a ton of memories.

below (the Players):

mandingo (maker of hats, mainstay of the lazy lizard). ..dr. mandingo is a "medicine man" who, according to "dr. mandingo", can heal cuts, bruises and broken hearts.

you'll likely see a lady or two sporting a mandingo hat (while you are sunning at the lazy lizard).

below: fran (owner of fran's fast food) pictured with her son (he's the small kid).

mika (owner of amor y cafe'). ..according to mika, in holland, when a gal is having love issues with her boyfriend, her girl friends will invite her over for coffee. ..hence, love & coffee (amor y cafe). ..the gorgeous & sweet mika is shown (below) with her adorable waitresses, kim & josie.

kim also bartends at don corleone, while josie bartends at the iguana reef resort.

below: karen & mario (owners of the iguana reef resort and don corleone). forthcoming.


below: jessie (founder of random yoga). ..she is truly a master yogi, although her delivery is such that she'd just as easily be sipping tea with you in your living room. ..completely humble.

some of the incredible staff at don corleone (kim, alex, anne & cal)

below: anita baker runs the seaview beauty salon, which is (literally) on the beach.

below: jack (he sells shrimp on a stick) in seven different flavors. ..he buys some shrimp, puts them on a stick, and then he tells you a tale or two as he grills the shrimp while applying your selected flavor.

go with the garlic/herb and/or the curry.

below: carlos (sells shish kabob on the street). ..he'll greet you with a big smile, every single day.

ask for a "heap" (that's what we call it, down south of the mason-dixon line) of rice with your kabob. conch, snapper, or chicken kabobs available.

below: tina (owner of tina's hostel). ..actually, pictured (below) is zaira, the manager of tina's.

: some of tina's artwork (which adorns every wall of "tina's")

: tony vega (owns/operates the belize odyssey resort). ..tony is a great guy who will sit down and have a beer with you, wrap your computer in a jiffy, or fix a bicycle in no time. .

tony's father is the subject of an biography entitled "a caye to success," available in the belize odyssey library.

below: gina (runs the purple passion salon, where you can get a GREAT pedicure). next to gina are candy (center) and joanna (who runs the caye caulker plaza hotel)

jam & del (sell jewelry on 3 palapas street). ..del also operates "del-icious braids" (for all of your hair needs).

below: meet charlie and her son, malik. ..charlie runs raggamuffin tours. ..raggamuffin, as you might remember, is the company that took pete and i on the snorkeling and island hopping adventures in what seems like such a long, long time ago.

below: dillon (best electric golf cart taxi driver on the island). ..dillon is usually smiling, and his knowledge includes which girls are, quote: "single, and ready to mingle."

kieth (the main man at femi's), pictured here with femi (the owner).

heidi operates the sports bar (coldest damn draft on caye caulker). ..never did get a picture of heidi.

the cashew man (he doesn't say much... he just sells you cashews at semi-negotiable gringo rates). ..shown here at the split, giving me that "i don't want to negotiate" look. ..he smiles big -- when you pay gringo prices.

...and the rest, well, you'll have to meet them for yourself. ..just tell them that lenny sent you, and you'll be treated as semi-family.

* before you visit caye caulker, check (online) to see if they've bridged "the split" between the south island and north island. ..if they ever bridge it, and if motorized travel becomes the norm here, i won't come back. would be too painful to experience paradise lost.


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