Thursday, March 26, 2009

when you find that you're lost

in a big city like san jose, costa rica, you simply cannot jog in a straight line.

in the army, we learned a "zig-zag" infantry technique -- where you approach the enemy (under gunfire) by running in such a way (a few steps forward-left, then a few steps forward-right) that you're harder to shoot. ..once, i was talking with a "good ol' boy" alabama vietnam vet who got shot during combat, and he said, quote:

"i was 'a ziggin' when i shoulda been 'a zaggin'."

maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the multitude of scents and sounds, maybe i wasn't matching my zigs with my zags...

...or maybe it was the fact that thousands of heart-stopping brunettes, all decked-out in city-girl work clothes, were walking the streets of san jose.

similar to thailand, these girls will stare you down with a smile that makes you wonder, at times, "what just happened?"

anyway, the next thing that i knew, i was in the middle of downtown without a clue as to which way was up. ..when i found myself lost, did i worry? way.

for every gorgeous woman, three are 10-thousand taxicabs, each of which with a driver who'd be happy to drive me back safely (for a reasonable price), or so i thought.

after my fifth cab driver said: "no lo se, hombre!" i began to get slightly concernicus, until an english-speaking guy overheard me asking and told me that it was just a few zigs & zags up over yonder.

never underestimate the importance of being a loud rhode islander.

in a city where (honestly) they use navigational "landmarks" instead of street signs, i'll be sure to pay more attention (to my inanimate surroundings) next time out & about.

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