Wednesday, March 18, 2009

what makes a dance a dance

what makes a dance a dance

by d. ancer

what makes a dance a dance is the fact that we've forgotten that we are already One.


the desire "to become One" (or the experience of be-coming One) is the very reason for the dance!

this "for-getting" allows us to yearn to "join," to "connect," and to "become one" with that which we perceive as separate or different.

ego (the false sense of separation) is the very essence of dancing.

if living things already knew themselves as One, there would never be the need to step on each others' toes en route to re-Union.

the for-getting (that we are One) is that which allows us the Joy of re-Member-ing.

upon review (3 days later), the feeling that i get is as follows:

instead of spending a lifetime trying to battle and supress the ego,
why not use it as the springboard (re-Mind-er) that,

in Reality,

ego is a temporary illusion designed to infuse
apparent drama, apparent movement and apparent change
into that...
which Is...



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