Saturday, March 7, 2009

tobacco caye

our second stop on the sailing, snorkeling, fishing, etc. tour was the island named "tobacco caye."

below: approaching tobacco caye

below: the local hangout (the tobacco caye lounge & sunset bar)

: conch shells surround every palm tree

below: the campsite

below: the campsite, from a hammock :)

below: one of the locals (sevan?) sliced his toe, and he asked us if we thought he needed emergency attention. ..within seconds, our group had produced bandages, anti-bacterial creme, etc. and we put him back together. ..

as i remember, neal was the chief surgeon. ..yes, we did advise sevan to get the toe looked at by a physician, but there's not a high probability of that ever happening.

below: good morning on tobacco caye. ..the belikin beer bottle serves as a clear indication of the level of partying that transpired the night before. ..yours truly was asleep early and up early.

below: more hammocks

below: departure

next: off to placencia

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