Friday, March 27, 2009

tips for how to use this blog

below are some tips for using this blog:

* on this blog, you'll see tons of pictures. ..if you like a picture, right click on it and you can save it to your "my pictures" file. ..if you left-click on it, it should enlarge (this works most of the time).

to the left of the blog, you'll see years (e.g. 2009), months (e.g. june) and posts.

the years and months have a "down arrow" to the left, and the posts have "bullets" or "dots" to the left (as below):

V 2009

...V march

......* post 3

......* post 2

......* post 1

if you click on a post, you get to view that particular post and any comments that readers (like yourself) have chosen to add. also allows you to comment, should you so choose.

i've taken the filter off of the comments, so your comment gets uploaded immediately (in other words, i don't check it before it gets "approved"). are instantaneously heard.

if you click on an arrow (year or month) you get the whole year, or the whole month.

* the advantage to clicking on a whole month or a whole year is that you can then scroll (using the right side of your screen) through the whole bunch of posts without clicking on individual posts.

* the disadvantage of clicking on a whole year or month is that, if your signal or your computer is "slow," it takes more time to load. ..another disadvantage is that, in the "whole" mode, you now have to check the "comments" note at the bottom to see if there are any comments. ..if there are comments, you then need to click on the "time" (e.g. 5:35) in order to read the comments and/or post a comment of your own.

if you want to e-mail a post (link) to someone else, simply right click on the post, and then click "send link." your e-mail agent should pop up, with the link inserted in your message. ..your receiver might not be able to read the post (unless they've been invited as a reader by moi), but you can always ask me to invite someone by sending me their e-mail address.

i've opened the blog back up to the world again, after deciding that if a conventional company won't hire me because of this blog, then they aren't the type of people that i'd want to work for.

self-expression is more important than a job that would frown upon such, so i'm opting for...

total freedom of expression.


i think that only "readers" will be able to make comments, however.

* i apologize for this essay, but sometimes these little tips help with the overall communication process.


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