Monday, March 9, 2009

a three, hour tour...

captain's log, 7 march 2009, placencia, belize, C.A.:

"the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed..."

the story:

the island-hopping tour is designed to drop its passengers off at placencia, and then the passengers find their own ways to their next destinations.

pete and i had already arranged that we'd take the 15-hour, no frills boat ride back to caye caulker, along with our trusted crew. ..these guys were on a mission. ..the plan was to use engine power for the duration of the trip, and to engage the sails in addition to that, if practicable.

the trip was charted along a relatively safe course home, inside of the barrier islands.

the captain stayed awake all night by using a unique combination of stimulants (namely, ganja & red bull). was dark, there was rain, and there was wind. ..pete had one side of the inside lower-deck and i had the other.

every so often, during the night, i'd wake up to the sight of germaine, tying down the rudder, getting splashed with waves, and adjusting the main sail for maximum speed.

charlie (on the other hand) had consumed an excessive supply of "bitters" on placencia. some point, he fell down in the boat and hurt his ribs. ..charlie was down for the night, sprawled out on the cabin floor of the ragga king. .

friends don't let friends drink bitters and drive boats.

i could tell that cpt. germaine and first-mate kevin were concerned about cpt. charlie, because, throughout the night, they could be heard making adjustments to the sails and yelling "charlie" (along with many other extremely colorful metaphors).

at one point, i woke up in the darkness because the boat was keeled waaaaay to starboard, and i had slid onto my backpack. ..pete wasn't even sleeping. ..he was just sitting there, looking back (in disbelief) at germaine, who was soaked -- yet alert.

something inside of me wanted to say to pete: "...and this is the part where we die" ...but instead i just rolled over onto my backpack and went to sleep.

below: the next morning, with cpt. germaine at the helm (almost home)

the sun was rising, and germaine was using a towel to wipe the spray away.

truth be told, dude was a trooper. many people do you know that can navigate a sailboat (no steering wheel, no g.p.s., overnight), through the rain and wind?

anyway, since i'm writing this post, it's obvious that we survived enough to play for yet another day. ..the plan is to travel to ambergris caye, which is the main tourist caye.



  1. Hey guys!

    I'm so glad you guys made it back alive & not stranded on some deserted island. I couldn't bare the thought of who would become ginger & who would be! No really, I'm glad you guys are safe & experiencing such great adventures!


  2. Cat,

    You had me laughing out loud with that one!

    Pete actually booked us a follow-up fishing trip with Cpt. Germaine, and on that trip, I actually DID say "...and this is the point where we die."

    But that's another story, which I hope I get to before my laptop completely crashes.

    Thanks for wishing us well! Pete is home, now, in New Jersey, so I'm onto the Zen-study portion of the trip.

    Keep smilin'!

  3. Only you Len, in the face of fear, can turn over and go back to sleep. I love it!

  4. Willy could do that too. The other night he started snoring in less than 3 seconds to going to bed. It was amazing.

  5. It's true. I can sleep standing up.

    You can also fall asleep while flying a CH-47 Chinook (helicopter). The problem occurs when you wake up, and notice that your co-pilot is also sleeping.