Sunday, March 22, 2009

'neau shirt, 'neau shoes, 'neau shower

captain's log: sunday, 22 march 2009

with only a few more days left in belize, it's important to wake up early and to experience sunrises with your belizean maxwell-house as often as is humanly possible.

at the plaza hotel, it's not a problem if you go up to the 4th-floor (where the coffee is on and the brown sugar is sweet) without ever combing your hair or taking a shower.

chances are good you'll be the only person up there at 6-ish.

this morning, it was sprinkling rain, which (when all you have on is a pair of quick-dry shorts) is an invitation to step outside on the roof. ..water had accumulated on the tile, so now you're walking on water. ..your thoughts whisper:

isn't rain a natural shower?

isn't the human experience supposed to be sense-ual?

the air was clean, the sun was semi-concealed behind clouds, and the sunday pre wake-up vibe went something like this:

taste the smell of morning sunshine,
sprinkles on your skin

find a way to make it (Here),

again, again, again


* why do we rush (Homeward) to get in, out of the rain?

* why do we complain?

* why do very, very simple choices seem insane?


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