Thursday, March 26, 2009

san jose backpackers

at this stage of the journey, i find that it feels safer in a hostel (where everything is open and common) than in a hotel where you are locked in your own little cubicle.

funny, how you travel down a path for one reason (in this case, economic conservation), yet end-up finding that your decision led to several other beneficial results.

if you’re in a foreign country, even if you’re with a partner, consider the hostels as a jumping-off point, until you get a feel for the place. ..i’d definitely recommend it for women traveling alone, because you’ll immediately have groups of people to get out & about with.

san jose backpackers has much more of an adult vibe (along with the younger crowd) than the other hostels. ..the city of san jose doesn’t feel as bad as what i’d heard. if this is the eyesore of costa rica, then the rest must truly be paradise-ical.

for the first time on this journey, however, i’ve felt a real language barrier.

the pura vida spa lies up on a mountain, away from the city, and i’ll be there in 2 days. ..when the workshop is over, i might try to head out to a place called “quepos,” because they have a hostel named “wide mouth frog.”

now that's funny (at least for those of you who've ever heard me tell my wide-mouth frog joke).

smilin', len

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