Thursday, March 19, 2009

rand(om) yoga

"random yoga" is "yoga by donation" -- led by jessie wigh on caye caulker.

jessie is a truly gifted instructor/facilitator who makes the most out of the c.c. sunrises and sunsets, by holding classes on the roof of the hotel next to her house.

the schedule is posted in chalk, on a board by the road.
the other night, during class, i was visualizing that i would find someone to practice the whole thai massage sequence on, in preparation for the costa rica workshop.

(truth be told, i'm a little unsure of my skills, compared to my thai teacher, marty mizenhimer of -- and i'm going to be teaching (sharing) his sequence!

anywaaaaaaaaay... tonight i met elizabeth (from wyoming) who just happens to be a thai massage instructor. ..tomorrow, she's going to help me with some of the more complex thai moves (for the upcoming workshop) -- techniques that i haven't had the chanced to practice much.


jessie is letting us borrow her front porch and yoga mats, and we are going show jessie some simple techniques that she can use in her yoga retreats.
does the law of attraction "work"?
i.m.h.o. (no doubt about it)

it's an honor to be sharing marty's work. ..i thank you (marty & beth) for allowing me to assist in thai workshops in 2007 and 2008. ..i intend to represent zen thai as best as i can.




  1. lenny-
    you are such a goober :-)...
    we think you are an amazing instructor-no doubt about it. What an honor for us to have you doing these workshops-have a blast!
    we love you-b and m

  2. Hi, Beth!

    I'm almost ready. The grasshopper is poised to snatch the pebble.



    ...and tell Marty that when I get back to the States, I'm coming to Asheville for a visit!