Sunday, March 15, 2009

no "place" is Paradise, II

"you call some place paradise, kiss it goodbye" - from "the last resort" by the eagles
this post is inspired by a question from my buddy, willy, who asked about the pluses and minuses of various paradise-ical destinations. is also inspired by a previous post from november, 2008, entitled "no place is paradise"

although willy's question will have to wait until my next visit to "hidden treasures" in tampa, the idea of "Noplace" begs a post on this blog.

Noplace (with a Capital "N") implies a non-physical Paradise (with-In the Spirit-Mind). ..It is a non-place of Connections. ..It is Friendship. ..It is Love. ..It is Perfect. ..It is You (with a Capital "Y"). ..It just Is.

(of Course, It is also impossible to describe with words)

the experience of Noplace can arise during moments with friends/family, with a lover, and via practices like massage, yoga, meditation, etc. ..Noplace is the sparkle that a parent sees in a child's eyes -- the kind of moment that brings you to tears.


that being said, many of these paradise-like destinations (belize, fiji, hawaii, thailand, etc.) experience what the eagles sing about in "the last resort." ..when too many people descend upon a location (or a planet?), the probability of "waste" becomes all too apparent.

i've avoided posting "negative" pictures on this blog, because the focus (Here) is on Wellness, not illness. ..but the truth is the truth, and many of these destinations have their own issues (litter, air pollution, overcrowded conditions, poverty, etc.).

pollution (in its many forms) is often the waste-product (or result) of human consumption.

below: pollution (i've chosen not to identify the places or countries), but i will say that the four pictures come from four distinctly different locales.

the place (above) goes so far as to call itself a "wildlife preserve."

can we save the world? ..i don't know. ..from a wellness perspective, one thing we can do is to take a look at what we consume (food, water, air, gossip, media, television, ideas, etc.) and make choices that allow our bodies an ease-i-er process, resulting in less self-pollution.

even people can fall into this category. ..some people support & facilitate our well being, and there might be others who are not yet ready to support & facilitate. ..we make the choice of who to relate to -- and how to relate with them.

every now and again, it's a good idea to contemplate questions like:

* what foods really taste good and make me feel alive?
* in my life, who are the people who make me feel better about myself?

* what activities bring me Peace, Joy, Happiness?

* what do i "
do-Be-do" to facilitate increased wellness in others?


why am i even writing this post? clue (as of this moment).

my guess is that while Noplace... Is... Paradise, everywhere can be paradise-ical if we shift our thoughts and make choices that align with our own, Inner Well-Being.

((disclaimer: if this post makes no sense to you, don't worry. are not alone.))


bonus: click below to view 7:19 worth of "the last resort" by the eagles.'s worth the click, even if you only listen to the first line:

"she came from providence, the one in rhode island..."

she came from Providence, the one in rhode island
where the old world shadows hang heavy in the air
whe packed her hopes and dreams, like a refugee
just as her father came across the sea

she heard about a place, people were smilin'
they spoke about the red man's way, and how they loved the land
and they came from everywhere to the Great Divide
seeking a place to stand, or a place to hide

down in the crowded bars, out for a good time,
can't wait to tell you all, what it's like up there
and they called it paradise (i don't know why)
somebody laid the mountains low while the town got high

then the chilly winds blew down, across the desert
through the canyons of the coast, to the malibu
where the pretty people play, hungry for power
to light their neon way -- and give them things to do

some rich men came and raped the land; nobody caught 'em
put up a bunch of ugly boxes, and Jesus, people bought 'em
and they called it paradise, the place to be
they watched the hazy sun, sinking in the sea

you can leave it all behind, and sail to lahaina
just like the missionaries did, so many years ago
they even brought a neon sign, said: "Jesus is coming"
brought the white man's burden down...
brought the white man's reign

who will provide the grand design?
what is yours and what is mine?
'cause there is no more new frontier
we have got to make it here

we satisfy our endless needs and justify our bloody deeds,
in the name of destiny and the name of God

and you can see them there, on sunday morning
they stand up and sing about what it's like up there
they call it paradise (i don't know why)

you call someplace paradise,
kiss it goodbye


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