Thursday, March 26, 2009



by thega m. e. oflife

on a stage (in costume) where the actors are to blame
virtual reality, a my-story:

the Game


* after awhile, you re-Cognize that it's All "monopoly money."



  1. Reminds me of times in Germany. Ensuring I had the correct "funny" money for the specific country of the day. Things were so close several times I carried three denominations. Of course, I could have used the Master Card. That would take the fun out of it though!! I've been wondering what you have been up to Lenster. I just took some time to paruse this blog. I need to go back and "take it in" so to speak. E-ya later bro, John

  2. Johnman!

    Thanks for the comment, and the e-mail. Glad to hear that all is going ok for you.

    Do you ever hear from Sherrybaby? Let her know that I said "Hi!"

    11-6-Scorpios have a lot to offer this crazy world, so fly safe!

    You bud/bro,