Friday, March 27, 2009

the little differences, part 2

warning: there's a slight risk that this post might fit into the category of "too much information," but if you take a look at this blog (over the course of the last several months)...

"too much information" might be a good overall title for this blog. might also be, as dave barry would say, "a great name for a rock band."

here goes:

at the san jose backpackers hostel, the bathrooms are "shared." ..what that means is that you get male and female bathroom grafitti, in seventeen different languages.

i'm happy to report that there appears to be a lot of written wisdom and statements of peace & love, along with the usual potty stuff.

below is a bathroom poem (complete with the actual punctuation and spelling imperfections):


i saw all this people today,
all dressed up in grey
i wanted to walk by them and say
stop this stupid ratrace... ok!?

but i didn't...

because all the grey will never see
the wonderful beuty of beeing Free...

...............................pascal, 2005, sweden



  1. So I hope you left some gems of wisdom on the walls of the co-ed banos....
    How much time did you spend in there anyway???
    Sonia :-)

  2. Naaaaaaaaaah...

    I leave the wall writing to others who are more suited to that activity.

    I cause enough trouble right here, on my very own website!
    :) :) :)