Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lah-la land

Lah-la land [1]

by outo f. thisworld

breathe a little faster, Now,
don't try & understand
drift away to Consciousness, right Here in Lah-la land


° 10 minutes ago, Lahla led a yoga/breathing/mind-altering class that i couldn't describe if i tried, so i won't even make an attempt.

° it wasn't a place, but it Truly was la-la land.

...Here. Now. Lah-la land.

[1] martineau, l. (2009). Book 65: there's a reason why you are here. © graphics by microsoft clipart.


  1. sounds like you did a little kundalini yoga . pretty awesome stuff , it is amazing what you sometimes see .Enjoy the journey. love britta

  2. Hi, Britta!

    Not sure what it was, but what an amazing blend of breathing, movement, ect.


    It's worth doing again.
    Love, Lenny