Thursday, March 26, 2009

it not all glam...

on a trip of this nature, you've got to watch every dollar.

yesterday, i made it to costa rica, but i can't afford $122/night at the pura vida spa for a "tentelo" (a tent with no bathroom, no electrical outlets, bad wifi).

it's okay. .. in three days my shared (pura vida instructor) suite will be paid for, and i'll rough it for now, at the san jose backpackers hostel ($6000 colones/night = $12 u.s.). below.

bunk beds

my bed

bars on the windows

my locker space (for things like passport, $$$, laptop, etc.)

common areas

lenny's computer space (a sea-turtle table)

the pool

there's all-ways a picnic table and a hammock somewhere..

the private rooms (i'm working on that...)

the path to the dining room


  1. From the pics, this place looks quite comfortable.... not bad....

  2. Actually, it's not bad. Again, much better socially than a hotel.

    My earplugs, eye cover, etc. come in handy!