Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"a" is for "attitude"

folks, i'm not the only one who pushes the end of the envelope (even when there is no envelope).

check out the e-mail -- from my buddy "outlaw pete" lawrence. ..dude lives in jersey, and is a springsteen fan. you know, he spent some time down here in paradise recently.

outlaw pedro, with (what appears to be) a bloody mary

if each of us had this kind of attitude (below), we'd experience the best of life, all-ways:


Welcome to Costa Rica bro! Hope you had a safe trip. Was it at all painful leaving CC?

Dude, I got into see Bruce's 2nd and final rehearsal show in Asbury Park last night!! Totally amazing! This place only holds about 3000. The stage took up almost half the floor space!

I get there about 6:15 after work and got to the back of the line of folks who already have wrist bands. I think there were about 210 in front of me. So I'm standing there in the cold, talking to this guy with his ~10 year old son, Jennie is with her friends at a nice bar/restaurant, fine dining and drinking wine (THEY already have tix), and I'm totally capturing the moment of the energy.

About 7:30 dude comes out and says "Folks if you don't have a wrist band I'm telling you you're not getting in. I'm not even sure I can seat all those with them." SO, realizing there is NO CHANCE in hell of getting in if I leave, I of course stay!

The guy with his son books. (Poor bastards). Meanwhile the Wonderbar across the street is blasting Bruce tunes outside. And the line behind me starts to build. So around 8, dude comes out and says they opened up 80 seats on the side of the stage. At this point I'm probably #120 deep, but that will get me closer.

Well before you know it the line starts moving, they are letting people in and ALL OF A SUDDEN I'm 6 deep from the door! The last of the wrist banders get's in and the guy goes "Have your money out!" Holy shit I'm in!

It was $100 which ALL goes to Asbury charities. So he's already been playing for about 15 minutes, I run upstairs to my seat as they're playing "No Surrender", (I love that song) and get to my seat about 50 feet at the most from the stage.

MAN! I had a grin a mile wide. To see the band that close! All the websites (and Jennie) said it was a lot tighter that night, a real concert rather than a rehearsal. Turns out I missed Badlands (the opener) and OUTLAW PETE (dammit!)

But what a night! I feel sorry for the guy and his son. He would have had a great story at school.

We also had some folks in from out of town for a meeting and they were all going out for happy hour and I told them what I was going to do. A couple of them were fans. Can't wait to tell them today that they should have hung with the dude!!


Nice job on the blog too, bro!



Live it up, my fellow crazies!



  1. Hey, Pete!

    Are you and Lenny 'clones'???

    No WONDER you two are such good friends...

    xoxoxo, cd

  2. Well hello Clare! I'm a bit confused. I thought all guys were like us! ;>)


  3. Hello again, OP!

    Let me attempt to clear up your confusion. :*)

    IMHO, NO, all guys are NOT like you two...although they might think they are, and although they might like to be.

    The positive attitudes you and Lenny LIVE are rare, indeed.

    Thank you, both, for being the kind of people who are mood elevators. (This may sound like a hokey thing to be, but it means the world to those of us whom you have "lifted".)

    xoxoxo, cd

  4. Claaaaaaaaaaaaaare!! Thank you! Not hokey at all but I just don't get why more don't get it when we really do have it so good. My only needs are health and happiness. I mean I woke up today with a roof over my head, a couple cups of joe, a good workout, and a hot shower. I have to go to the office today on a Saturday (not a great thing but what the does put the aforementioned roof over head), and then it's off to Basil T's brewpub to fill my right hand with my buddy, ol' mug #448 for a couple of Gretchen's fabulous Pale Ales (OK, that is most definetely a need as well!) ;>) The first one is to you Clare!