Saturday, March 21, 2009

i lied...

...when i wrote, on this very blog, that the caye caulker plaza hotel served up some b.a. belizean coffee.

(turns out, it's maxwell house) ...oh, well.

* maybe things just taste better when you're on working holiday.

or maybe, when we get the chance to slow down, we can actually appreciate the tastes, scents, sounds, sights, and feelings that (literally) surround us, 24-7-365 ...All-Ways.

come join with me on a look In-side:

* let's slow down,
* let's breathe together,
* let's taste, like it's our last taste,
* let's listen, like it's the last sound,
* let's See...Beyond the illness (and into the WELLNeverthelESS),
* let's touch, as if we'll never touch again,
* let's smile,
* let's laugh,

* let us Play,

.........................................................below: more coffee shots



  1. Hi Lenny,
    Did anybody tell you that you take amazing pictures? Well, you do!

    I think everything becomes better when you are getting closer to your-Self…
    At least that was the case with me. When despite of appearances and my-self, I’ve followed the signs or guidance, everything around me became brighter and lighter… Grass was greener, sun and all colors were brighter, I felt lighter and breathing was so easy…

    So, congratulations, my friend, on becoming closer to the Self!

    With Love and Light,

  2. Reverend Lola!

    You describe the Self dis-cover-y process sooooooooooo well!

    Thanks, for the compliment on the pictures. They are all being snapped on a 4-year old, very cranky, cheap, Olympus 540 Zoom camera that is constantly becoming less and less zoomy. Lately, it takes me about 5-6 tries, just to get the lens cover to open up, so it might be time for a New One.

    There is something about the still photo... that ability to capture a moment in time... the ability to re-Flect back on it (again, again, again).

    BTW... I LOVE calling you "Reverend Lola" as much as "L.O.L.A.-Lola." It makes me think of how others would picture you -- a minister.

    (little do they know that you are a tall, gorgeous, blond gal from an area of the world that was formerly known as the U.S.S.R.)

    As my Aunt Rose (who was a Catholic Nun) used to say...