Saturday, March 21, 2009

Home, run

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Home, run

by r. unner

run away from Heaven

Dance (to sound of Ommm)

it’s out of the ballpark as you come with me,

run Home


analysis: to read this thoem, it helps to have read "Spiritual Scripting." ..anyway...

* Home is the Noplace that we never (Really) ever left.

* ego (the false sense of separate self) is the process of “running away” from Home ...or “for-getting” the Connection as One, Unified, Allness.

* ego is the necessary pain, in order to experience Euphoria.

* ego is the prodigal son, before the re-Turn Home.

* ego is the you-man, prior to Be-ing.

* ego is the for-getting, in order to re-Member.

* the Big Dance is the Uni-Verse (a Harmonic Tango), expressed as duality (which steps on each others’ toes).

* “Ommm” (according to Wayne Dyer) is the primordial sound of Gratitude.

* “out of the ballpark” implies “out of this world.”

* “come with me…” well… you'll have to figure that one out on your own.

* we (like forrest gump) “run away," but we cannot not re-Cognize, re-Turn, and re-Unite with our Source, which is Home.


this thoem was In-spired (strangely enough) by the last line at the bottom of the post entitled "la isla bonita."

note: i do believe that madonna, who epitomizes the ego-dance, is (Simultaneously) a Highly Conscious, Spiritual Be-ing. ..her song “material girl” (when taken in a Spiritual context), makes fun of our dual infatuation with material – while at the Same time, the song embraces that which is I’mmaterial.


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