Tuesday, March 3, 2009

go slow

in an imaginary world of backwards reflection, quantum physicists and mystics hint that "energy" (Spirit, prana, chi, etc.) "slows down" -- meaning that sub-atomic particles are drawn closer together in order to form "matter."

we'll call this process "particularization" (or... becoming a "part")

matter then, Be-ing Non-matter, is constantly drawn to re-Member, to re-Collect, to re-Unite with its Essence, Wholeness.

the reverse of this process means that human Be-ings slow down the body (via meditation, prayer, yoga, contemplation, vacation, etc.) in order to connect that which is faster.

translation: one Way to Connect with Source (inverse-reflectively) is to Go Slow.

...or something like that.



  1. Hey Lenster.... thanks for the info on the G.A.P. may work in my favor, who knows??
    Once again, things look so idyllic.... for you....
    Sonia Mmmmmwaaaaah! Besos, Besos!

  2. Sonia!

    Mmmmmwaaaah back atcha!

    The GAP website seemed to have everything: Organized, exotic, relatively inexpensive adventures.

    You'll definitely find a trip with your name on it!