Friday, March 6, 2009

gilligan's island, part 2

another great thing about camping on rendezvous caye is that there are no bugs. ..because of that, you can sleep outside, under the stars. ..the moon went down at about 1 a.m. -- and then an already "brilliant" sky literally came alive!

the thing is... when you sleep outside, you are pretty much guaranteed a sunrise.

below: rendezvous sunrise

below: after a sunrise beach-yoga session, my fellow yogis got photogenic (left to right: emily, harriet, yours truly, helen, & gia)

the gilligan's island adventure ended with a hot breakfast before we broke camp and headed off to the next island, tobacco caye.

below: pete lawrence (now known throughout the belize islands as "outlaw pete")

below: the belize flag

below: captain germaine & captain charlie (who came out of retirement, apparently, to party his lights out... errrrr... i mean... to assist in navigation)

above: front to back, left to right: tim, neal, cpt. germaine, cpt. charlie

: this is what it looks like when you are lying down, lounging around on the upper deck of the ragga king, looking up the mast at the fully hoisted main sail.

below: wow.

below: land, ho no!
tobacco caye is in sight, and cpt. germaine has given lenny control of the ship. .. 
for some reason, germaine needed a nap.

note: friends don't let friends steer the ship with their legs... especially during an extended happy hour.


  1. Lenny, everyone should sail away once they live for half a century.... sure looks inviting, but true, not for the weak in heart.... just like being a wild and crazy teenager again!

  2. Sooooooo true.

    I wouldn't recommend this trip for anyone who expected any kind of luxury. :)

    In backpacker circles, the over 40-errrs tend to play the role of big brother/big sister on some of these trips.

    But it's only three days, and you can stand on our head for that long... so you just "tough it out." :)

    It would be fun to do this trip with a bunch of fitness-minded yogis, but either way, the people you meet while backpacking are free-spirited world travelers on very interesting journeys.

    And I'll never again underestimate the maturity, consciousness, and lack of baggage that the 20-30+ traveling crowd seems to have.