Thursday, March 5, 2009

gilligan's island, part 1

since camping on an uninhabited island (rendezvous caye) is impossible to describe, let's let the pictures speak for themselves.

below: kevin (in serious mode) attempts to guide cpt. germaine around coral en route to the dock. ..he also might appear to be concerned because (a) cpt. germaine has been chugging rum-punch for several hours, or (b) because kevin's next job is to show several happy-hour conscious sailors how to set-up tents.

below: rendezvous!

above: the spot where i'll lead sunrise yoga, tomorrow

below: tent operations

below: "the stump" (according to legend, cpt. charlie once did battle with a moray eel who was then living under the stump)

above & below: sunset

below: jokes, lies, and no videotape
(left to right) harriet, diane, pierre, neal, kevin, siebhan, tim, eimear, helen, rich, and emily.

left: marshmallows

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