Tuesday, March 24, 2009

eye - i - I

alternative title: "yikes!"

* 3-24.1-2009 (no tomorrow)
* 3-24.2-2009 (you did it your way)
* 3-24.3-2009 (pirates)
* 3-24.4-2009 (one-hundred trillion sparkles)
* 3-24.5-2009 (bare feet)
* 3-24.6-2009 (irony)
* 3-24.7-2009 (palm)
* 3-24.8-2009 (barrier, reef)

it's my last full day on caye caulker, and the time has come for me to document my own expressive-compulsive (dis?)order.

as you might imagine, only a fraction of what gets written and photographed and experienced ever makes it to this blog.

that being said, i'm going to go out on a limb, without a lot of editing, and document everything that made its way (from out of the blue) to my notepad during this morning's cup (or two) of b.a. coffee. ..i'll also insert almost all of the pictures, no matter how random or blurry or whatever, with a minimum of cropping, etc. ..i won't even go through the trouble of trying to create "movement" by placing the pictures on the post (using the "left, center, right" button).

that way, when i'm 77 and in a padded-cell somewhere, the local psycho-therapist might have some clue as to how to make some sense out of all this nonsense.

by the way...
if you were living in the lennybrain...
each one of these thoems would (literally) take all day
to squeeze the juice out of.

simple (at first glance), yet ridiculously complex...
if you're ready to take a chance.

here goes:

no tomorrow (march 24.1)

by n. o. tomorrow

my name is no tomorrow and my dance is "to & from"
i'll change my life (once i arrive)

tomorrow never comes

* "Life" is the Now process that arises in-between the illusion of "destinations."

* ego loves to dwell on the separate notions of past & future, while the True Present is the Give-t of Now.

* mr. tomorrow can never fully enjoy a climactic now-moment if his mind is on tomorrow's (or yesterday's) climax. ..in fact, with all of that thinking, it's no wonder tomorrow never comes.

questions to self:

1. how can i enjoy this sip, without thinking about the next one?

2. how can i experience this touch, without wondering how/where the next connection will manifest itself?

3. how can i make a positive change Right Now, instead of kidding myself with phrases like "i'll do it when..." and "i'll be happy, once..."

4. what is it, in my life, that i am "putting-off" until tomorrow?


you did it your way (march 24.2)

a tremendous amount of responsibility comes along with the re-Cognition of "i did it my way."

not only does it wake us up to the way that our past thoughts have created our present world, but it truly gets in our face with the re-All--i-sation that our present thoughts literally pre-pave our tomorrows.


pirates (march 24.3)

* pirates are people who steal that which is not theirs from that which is unable to stop the onslaught.

* while we could sit here all day and mass debate over how humans are "pirating nature" and destroying our planet, we can also choose to take one, tiny, proactive step, right now.

* according to 100th monkey theory, when a critical mass of a living thing begins to be-have in a certain way, a group consciousness begins to arise.

* what if your next thought is the 100th time that your brain's neurosynapes fire and connect, forming an electromagnetic crossbridge that allows "random" to become a stream?

* what would the difference be, in two separate rooms (each holding 2000 people) if the 100th comment was:

............ room 1: "life is Good," vs.

............ room 2: "life is crap"

* which room would you like to live in?

maybe (just maybe) pirates can tran-form into "pirates of the care-of-being."


one-hundred trillion sparkles (march 24.4)

by s. park

one-hundred trillion sparkles
dancing up at me
laughing at the way i think i think i think i sea

singing notes of color that can never be the Same
Playing on the water in a never-ending Game


bare feet (march 24.5)

if i bear my sole (now, baby, wouldn't that be neat?)
love is not a goal when there's a hand to hold:

bare feet


irony (march 24.6)

...when that which allows us to live -- is the very Same as that which signals our demise.


palm (march 24.7)

by peter alm

read me like a flower, blossom
breathe the water (calm)
time to run for cover as you hand me over:



barrier, reef (24.8)

a barrier reef is like the semi-permeable membrane of a cell, insomuch as it protects the host while allowing for an ebb & flow of life to experience some semblance of control, without ever being tide down.



...as jim carey once said, in the movie "mask,"

"somebody stop me!"



below: other random photos that had no known connection with any of this morning's thoems:

for whatever reason, i love this scene.

jessie's yoga roof, as seen from the roof of the plaza hotel.


for those of you who really know me, you know that i love the high ground.
maybe it's a past-life military thing...


progress???? ....hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

how to take a picture of yourself, drinking coffee in paradise.

warning: these things exhale a toxic substance called "oxygen."

the end-beginning-end-big inning-end, blah, blah, blah...



  1. Some of the best so far.......and the Purple Passion Beauty salon- the front door, is it a mural or a mirror? It looks like a billboard from looking at the place straight on.... cool!
    You must really really like CC... maybe your next home?
    ;_) Sonia

  2. Hi, Sonia!

    In regard to "Passion," there's a clue, hidden discreetly within. Check out the pics again, and see if you can find it.


    CC is GREAT, but the real great part is just being able to stay in one place for awhile and get to know/live the culture a bit.

    My next home is going to be:

    Jan-Mar: International
    * CC
    * downunder
    * Bahamas or Caribbean
    Apr-Jun: NC or Florida
    July-Aug: Rhode Island
    Sept-Dec: NC or Florida

    ThanksGiving weekend: Rhode Island

    That's my plan, as of this moment.

    Hope all is well in Charlotte!