Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"rich" defined

...if one can experience more of any of the experiences listed below, s/he can rest, assured that s/he is be-coming more and more "Rich."

* more laughs; more smiles
* more Love
* more self-expression
* more massage; more meditation
* more En-Light-enment
* more Ease; more Peace
* more quiet; more pristine-ness
* more thousand-shades of blue
* more family/friends
* more partnership, with your dream partner
* more riding a bike to your work/play
* more of helping others dis-cover what wellness means (to them)
* more Connection; more collaboration; more community
* more physical fitness
* excellent medical/dental care
* excellent air, water, food
* more support
* more of Be-ing a supporter
* more of You
* more hiking, swimming, jogging, walking...
* more contemplation
* more siestas
* more Love (in the making)
* more time away from negative television
* more time away from negative media
* more time away from that which they call "news," Be-Cause 'neau news is good news
* more time hugging, kissing, dancing, singing
* more of nature

disclaimer: this is only a portion of a slice of a "lenny definition" of "Rich." is not meant to be "right" or "the Way."'s just an idea.

feel free to add your own, be-cause that's what (Really) matters.


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