Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"rich" defined, part II

the definition of "rich":

1. to have enough money to sit down at a nice restaurant, and to be served a delicious dinner. ..if you've ever experienced this, you are likely in the top 1% of the richest people on this planet earth.

2. to have enough luck to be served a cold, draught beer in a frosted mug. ..if you've ever experienced this, you are wealthy. are lucky, beyond your wildest dreams.

3. to have (at least) one person in your life who yearns to kiss you on the lips. ..if you've ever experienced this, you are living in a fantasy world of epic proportions.

4. to have someone in your life who wants to sleep next to you, tonight. ..if you've ever experienced this, it is impossible to comment on how incredibly sensational your very existence is, compared to those who have not yet experienced the feeling.

5. to have one person in your life who will stand by your side, even after s/he has witnessed you (at your "less than best" behavior). ..if you have ever experienced this, then you are rich, wealthy, and lucky. are living in a fantasy world of epic proportions, and "wildest dreams" cannot begin to describe the fullness that Is; your Life; Right; Now.



  1. It is un-fortunate, however, that many of us seem to focus on the money/possessions side of the richness coin. We need to read THIS POST daily to remind us that the coin as a "heads" side as well.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, cd

  2. brilliant-thanks for the humble reminder :-) b

  3. Hello, Clare & Beth!

    Thanks for your comments.

    This post was inspired by the fact that, because I gave a massage (to the owner of the best resort/hotel on Caye Caulker), she treated me to a meal that she cooked herself at her restaurant (Don Corleone).

    While there, and while observing those who were feasting and drinking wine, I projected myself into the waitresses, barmaids, and hundreds upon hundreds of workers on this very island that will never be served in a restaurant of that caliber.

    This is not (by any means) to degrade those of us who support the economy by eating out, tipping, etc. Rather, it was a true sense of appreciation for the blessings and the experiences...
    ...that moved me to write the post.

    We ARE lucky. We ARE (Truly) Rich.

    And, when you throw Love into the mix, wIe are Living the Dream.