Saturday, March 14, 2009

caye caulker, part 1

below: outlaw pete on the roof of the barefoot caribe hotel

below: dog friendly island

actually, we met a woman named deanna who was with the canadian animal aassistance team (c.a.a.t.).

their mission in belize is to neuter the local dogs because of overpopulation. ..seems as though every dog has had his day (so to speak).

note the diving advertisement for the world famous "blue hole" in the background.

because i'm in zen (study) and $$$ conservation mode now, i will probably not dive the blue hole on this trip.

below: view from one of caye caulker's many, many piers.

below: on caye caulker, they sometimes eliminate happy-hours and instead enjoy "happy days."

below: hammock central

below: art comes in many flavors

below: willy's wish


  1. Had to leave a comment about Wish Willy's. Looks like my kinda place w/a great menu to boot! Belize looks like I believe Judy and I need to explore it someday soon. How's the expenses? What's the stories on the "Gringoes" that stay there. For each one I'll bet there's another interesting story behind it all. Enjoy your Zen training, good luck w/the laptop, keep living the sories, and know we're there w/you in spirit!
    Aloha, Willy

  2. Hey, Willy!

    The other day I stopped at a roadside grill (literally. it was just a guy and his grill). Dude was selling grilled shrimp, in seven different flavors $2.50 u.s. a skewer. That's what he does on the weekends: Buy shrimp, grill it, sell it.

    While I chomped on my shrimp, another gringo sat down, trying to sell hemp sunscreen. seems he got "eased out" of the u.s.a. for attempting to lead a "legalize pot" revolution.

    Meanwhile, two gals from New York pulled up a seat at the picnic table, ready to eat shrimp and just happy to be out of the cold northeast u.s.a.

    A student from North Carolina (and then another from Calgary) rounded out the group -- everyone just talking about hemp, blue water, obama, etc. -- all while the shrimp was just a' grillin'!

    It was a true Willy moment.

    Your Bro,

    PS: I think you can stay here for under $25 a night (average). It depends upon how adventurous you want to be. Dinners run about $10-12 u.s. (before drinks). Good breakfast for $5.

    The beer is (relatively) expensive because they serve it in 9 oz "tricky" bottles.

    Snorkeling was cheap $20 for four hours and 3 different spots.

    I would say that this might be a parents-only locale, since I've seen virtually no gringo kids.

    Ambergris Caye is more expensive, more crowded, and more hustle & bustle (if you can call it that).

    The Belize islands are a diver's paradise, but there might even be better places that would also cater to families (e.g. Dominican Republic).

    Wet Willy's on Ambergris is better than Wish Willy's on Caulker.

    There's also a "Hidden Treasure" on Ambergris, but I couldn't get there or I would've missed the last water-taxi home.