Saturday, March 14, 2009

belize odyssey resort

below: the belize odyssey resort is where i'm staying for the remainder of my time in belize. ..i'm (literally) the only guest at the resort, and my room $30 u.s. comes with a free bicycle (savings of $7 u.s. per day) and free, filtered water (savings of about $8 u.s. per day).

the owner (tony vega) is assisted by patti, and they set me up with my own yoga mat. ..they also allowed me to put the resort's dvd player in my room, so i could study marty mizenhimer's thai 102 sequence at any time of the day.

come visit me in room 22, and i'll give you a massage on the roof!

below: odyssey iguanas

below: my room

below: bathroom (warm shower! yes!)

below: last night's rooftop sunset

below: an odyssey rooftop sunrise

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