Sunday, March 22, 2009


because lenny is (in many ways), a perfectionist... he constantly reviews and updates his blog -- adding pictures, changing words/sentences & correcting that which can only loosely be called "spelling/punctuation."

upon review of the post "trapped in paradise" (13 march), he felt compelled to see if there was a youtube video of the song, "trapped."

if you've ever felt trapped...

if you'd like to experience 4:58 of Pure Passion,
click "play" below and turn the volume up!

trust me on this one...

back in 2007-2008, in north carolina,
i was trapped in a job situation that gave me (what appeared to be)
no viable option. ..if i stood up for what was right, i'd be sent packing.
if i played the game, my soul would have self-imploded.

this song (for me) was not about a romantic relationship,
rather, it was about being trapped in a job situation.**

at the time, what seemed like a giant decision was a no-brainer:
do the right thing, and if this organization can't handle that,
then you're better off without this organization.

thus began a journey...
a journey from puppet to butterfly.

if you watch the video again, you'll pick up on the fact that "trapped"
is a song of celebration -- not one of trapped-ness.

it re-Minds us that our most difficult moments can be celebrated as the
times when we were most alive, most present, and most engaged.

as i look back now, i can only thank those who helped me out of that situation.
what felt like "being let go" was, in reality,
a release that i cannot begin to be thankful enough for.

instead of anger, shame, bitterness, and resentment...
i often find myself saying "thank you, thank you, thank you!"
...for those very angels (in disguise) that i so very needed,
exactly at that very moment...
to get me out of there (and on the road to NowHere).

when this Play is over, we will dance the night away...
laughing, playing, and recalling how delicious the mellow-drama tasted.

with extreme gratitude,



do not read (below) unless you really want
to get to know me a lot better.
after listening to bruce sing "trapped," i was inspired to go for a little jog. was not going to be an average run, however, because i'd decided to jog with soooooo much passion... as if it would be the last jogging opportunity that i'd ever get, ever.

i’ve been practicing this idea...
throughout this worldwide journey,
and i’ve made an effort to become conscious of more Now moments.

once in the moment,
the idea is to live it as if
it was the last moment of my life.

you can imagine the amount of attention that you’d give your last meal,
your last kiss,
your last dance,
or your last time with a person who you love.

needless to say, the jog was sense-ational. was as if i was floating. strides were longer and more powerful, yet my gait was more Playful. was fun! .. i found myself catching the eye of more people, and i said “hi” to more people than normal. more than one point during the run, caye caulker locals called me by name. ..when i heard “hey, lenny, good morning!” and “lenny, go slow,” something made me well-up inside.

so, i’m jogging on a tiny island in central america, with tears running down my face, smiling at the sun. ..i could feel the power in my “femino-side-of-the-family thighs,” and i could sense liquid energy pounding through my heart. ..i remember thinking, if i die right now, i would die a very, very, very happy man.

Free (1)

by f. reedom

throughout my life, i’ve squeezed the lemon for as much juice as possible.
you (my friends, my family)
have been the sugar that is the very essence of lemonade.

what you probably don’t know is...
there have been a million times when i’ve felt trapped,
trapped right here...
inside of my own skin.

i've made sooooo many mistakes that i cannot begin to count them,
and there are many times that i wish i could apologize for
the times when my ego was at the controls.

if i've ever, ever hurt you -- in even the tiniest of ways...

i wish that i could talk with you,
and hug you with a kiss so tender that
it would remove all of your pain,
all of your ills, all of your regrets,
and all of your guilt.

here is my attempt to do so:

if you've ever thought that you've hurt me,
i want you to know that every, single, challenging moment

has been a gift in disguise.

every, single bit of “hurt” has helped me to grow stronger,
to feel more deeply,
and to become a better person.

if, as A Course In Miracles says,
the Highest form of Love that we can experience (here)
is Forgiveness...

then our mistakes are (in Reality)
golden opportunities
for others to practice their own Highest form of Love.

in a sense, your every moment on this stage
has been a Perfect re-Flection of Love...
even when it wore the mask that we call "ego."

You… are Perfection-in-action!

when this Play is over,
when the closed-curtain re-Opens, and
when we gather on stage to take our post-Play "bow"...

(bow-bow... :)

...we will All be holding hands, On(c)e again.

the victor and the victim,
the slayer and the slayed,
the good guys and the bad guys.

thank you...
for being Here with me,
as i strive (at age 50) to experience
the Highest Level of mind-body-Spirit Wellness of my entire life.

...and to help others to do the same,
should they desire to do so.

you can do it, too.
you can experience the best of the best of your life,
and you can choose this experience at any Now moment.

squeeze today's lemon with passion!

join me (if you dare),
in an experience that can only be described as
Completely Euphoric,
Exponentially Magnificent,
and down-right Fun!

“We’ve only just begun.”


martineau, l. (3-13.1-2009). book 65: there’s a reason why you are here. © 2009 by poem of the day, march 13.
oh, and by the way, the answer is "yes," i have seen the boss perform "trapped" live.

-truly unforgettable.
** for more, read "boxed-in" at:
..........-poem of the day
.....................-24th "boxed-in"

...or click below:
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  1. My Dear Brother,

    What an inspired decision it was for you to take a year "off" (which turned out to be a year "on").

    You have grown considerably, and I, for one, have grown with you. It is impossible not to absorb the wisdoms you have related in these blogs. You are an excellent guide on this incredible journey that you are sharing with all of us.

    We have already "joined" you, and appreciate the invitation to continue.

    Thank you, are the BEST!!!

    xoxoxo, me

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Clarebaby!

    I'm honored to have been able to share your own words of wisdom on my blog, and to share mom's poetic wisdom on the website's poem engine.

    One thing I've noticed about "growin' up" CRY (out of sheer Happiness) a lot more.

    Love & hugs,
    broLen :)

  3. My eyes are filled with tears and I'm speechless. You're incredible.

    I love you,

  4. Dear Jean,

    In the immortal words of Albert Peter Martineau, on his 50th anniversary, when it was HIS turn to speak (after my mother)...


    "Jo" had just wowed the crowd beyond words with her message of love and gratitude.

    "Al" (often known for his playful pranks and one-liners) leaned into the microphone, and glanced over to the table were we (his grown children)were seated.

    There was an air of love, hope, and a hint of "cringe" at our table, when...

    In a one-word speech that was more profound than can ever be described, and in one of his most serious/fun and utterly brilliant performances, he said the very thing that I'd like to say to you, in regard to your comment:
    ...and that's all I've got to say about that.

    I Love You,

    * sidenote: I am COMPLETELY serious as I write this reply.

  5. "Ditto".

    Every time you remind me of that moment, I smile HUGE!!!

    Can it get any more perfect than that????

    xoxoxo, me