Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amor y

Amor y

by a. more'

Love the super service
Love the herbal tea

Love (the way that breakfast makes its way from you to me)


* inspired by (among other things) the amor y cafe' on caye caulker.

the best breakfast on caye caulker

* breakfast recommendations:

- herbal tea, and
- banana/yogurt smoothie, or
- the classic (yogurt, fruit and granola), or
- grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, or
- whole grain toast with scrambled eggs, onions & tomato

attention massage therapy providers: on caye caulker, you can trade swedish/deep tissue massage for breakfasts!

* we live in a beautiful world. ..i know, i know, as seen through lenny's skewed polarized len-ses, but please don't wake me up out of this dream (just yet).



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