Wednesday, February 4, 2009

violet snow (by clare dunn)

while it is well known that john a. martineau creates fantastic pencil drawings, his sister (clare dunn) quietly composes watercolor and oil paintings like "violet snow," below.

while the scanned file (above & left) is nice, you've got to see the original to truly appreciate the piece.

thanks, clare! ..please make more!



  1. Breathtaking.... she can capture a moment in time..

  2. Wow! That's incredible - I'd really love a print of that - signed by the artist of course. it reminds me of growing up in PA. I could hang it next the the Lenny Martineau original of the covered bridge. You have an amazing talent Clare.

    Love ya,

  3. Thank you, Jean and Sonia!

    Kind words, indeed, and very much appreciated.

    Sometimes the "Guiding Personal Spirit" holds the paintbrush with you. This was one of those times.

    I will work on making viable prints, and Len will let you know when they are available.

    Love to you, both,
    xoxoxo, clare

  4. We need to get you three together, as it would be like the three amigos.

    Will the party be in Rhode Island, North Carolina, or Florida?

    Maybe the location should be determined by the date/season.

  5. Beautiful Auntie Clare!!! Now how come I didn't inherit any of these amazing skills??? =)

  6. First, thank you Cheryl! You are so sweet...and you DID inherit the skills -- as proven by the beautiful gifts you have made over the years for the Gift Exchange. No one can deny YOUR talents!

    Second... I would love, Love, LOVE to get together with Jean and Sonia!!! Pick a date, time, or season, and I am THERE (or HERE, if summer!)

    Love you, all,
    xoxoxo, cd

  7. I love to travel and make new friends.... I'll bring the drinks! And my home is always open.... have a spare bedroom with a private bath....
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. count me in! I'd love to meet your ladies.