Monday, February 2, 2009

typical rhode island wake-up conversation

when you wake up in rhode island, you'd better be mentally ready to engage. you might expect, everything happens in the kitchen.

at al and jo's, the typical day begins early. smell the coffee, you drag yourself downstairs, and the radio talk-show is already on -- loud.

josephine is already working on her crossword puzzles, and albert has already "assisted" in attempting to answer several of the questions.

by the time you are able to sit down at the kitchen table, you've been offered several varieties of food. ..((some people deal drugs, while italian mothers are pastry and pasta pushers))

what follows is an excerpt from "a day after the super bowl" kitchen-exchange:

the setting: jo has finished the crosswords, and now she's recording yesterday's news in her daily journal -- a ritual that she has practiced for several years. ..the newspaper has been combed through (sports, obituaries). ..there's really no need to look at the weather. is drinking coffee, eagerly awaiting the next topic of the day.

josephine: (while journaling): "hey al, what was that team who played the steelers last night?"

albert: "the cardinals. ..arizona. ..cardinals."

lenny: "hey, mom, make sure you write down something about bruce springsteen's halftime show."

albert: "i couldn't hear a word that he was sayin'!"

lenny: "dad... nobody understands what the boss is saying, unless you know his songs."

jo: "it was a good show."

albert: "just a bunch of noise!"

jo: "i thought it was good."

al: "what was he sayin'? ..all he was doin' was screamin'!"

jo: "well, it's better than in the past... when they let all of those hippies out there!!"

al (with a half-smile): "yeah. ..and then they show their boob!"

-yes, ladies and gentlemen... all of this (and this is just the beginning, of course...), prior to your first sip of coffee.
the truth is: deep inside, you know that these are the simple times that you will crave the most, when the time comes when simple times are simply not as simple as they are, right now.

In-Joy It All, as much as you can,
len .

below: jo and al (later in the day)

below: flashback - josephine and albert dance the night away (tallahassee, florida).

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