Monday, February 16, 2009


today, during a morning yoga class at sangrock, mohit singh directed us to experience each posture in our own unique way. ..he suggested that we "disregard the book” in order to understand how individual body types determine various movements and positions.

during the "tree posture," mohit suggested that we could get a better feel for the pose by writing down how we felt during the process. ..below is what (randomly) came to my mind while i was tree-ing.

can a tree... Love?

* is a tree not For-Giving… of food, oxygen, shade, shelter?

* does a tree not transform… carbon dioxide into oxygen?

* does a tree not sway… thus demonstrating flexibility amid the storm?

* can a tree dance?

* does a tree not allow… carbon dioxide (which is a toxin to humans), to be used as fuel for the creation of life-giving food?

* does a tree not breathe?

* does a tree not have roots… that travel deep into the ground, so that her arms can reach up to the Heavens?

* does a tree not gravitate toward the Light?

* does a tree not create, in it’s own image?

* is a tree not Connected with All that Is?

* is a tree not alive?

* am i crazy?

anyway... what are your thoughts?

what do you think of, when you think of a tree?
* yogi's in tree posture - google images
* dancing tree - google images
* trees - l. martineau
* sterling silver tree pose - (art by lisa alex gray)



  1. Thoughts about trees arise from "time" to "time". But trees are just part of the story. Lovely though.

  2. Hi, "Everyone, Universal!"

    Good to see you back! I've been checking-in on your blog and ideas.

    You are so right. Our "mystories" can act as fun little subplots in this momentary Vast Illusion.

    (a Play? a Dance? a Dream? matter)

    Trees are such a GREAT metaphor to use when conceptualizing the Non-conceptualizable, since trees embody duality & Oneness & Connection & apparent individuality.

    Breath itself is dual & relative, and our relationship to trees via breath is symbiosis in action. As you might say, it's just ONE, ONE-ing.
    As always, hats off to your AWESOME artwork (the apparent stuff that apparently shows up on your apparent blog).

    :) -Len