Monday, February 9, 2009

real friends For-Give

Real friends for-Give

by a. francine riend

Real friends for-Give
purge the guilt and shame
Real friends don’t criticize or judge, condemn or blame
Real friends re-Member (as we live the lives we live)
Real friends are understanding,
Real friends for-Give

* on sunday, february 8th, Reverend Julie spoke about “friends.”

* she mentioned how those who hurt and aggravate us are (in effect) acting as mirrors of our own fears, longings, and desires.

* the “hurt” provides us with “inner-information” which often reveals a deep sense of mistaken unworthiness and self-loathing.

* when an individual says or does something that is hurtful, s/he is usually projecting some of that inner-pain outward. a way, we could view that person as a child who is crying for Love and saying:

i’m making all of this noise and causing all of this commotion because,deep down,
i have this mistaken feeling that i’m not Loved.

((interestingly enough, the message is often projected as follows:
"you hurt me!"))

* during times of emotional pain (anger, resentment, judgment, etc.), we can re-Cognize that our own unmet needs and desires are making themselves known.

* if, as dr. john gray says “the deepest human need is the need for Love, and the deepest human fear is the fear of unworhiness,” then we Heal when we re-Cognize that wIe are Okay.

...................wIe are Worthy.

..............................wIe are G∞d.

* Real friends show up in all kinds of different & interesting costumes. :)

* Real friends allow us the opportunity to experience for-Give-ness.

we can Play the role of Real friend (to ourselves and to others)...
when we re-Member, that

Real friends for-Give.


martineau, l. (2-9.1-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009

* picture/graphic from the workshop "Happy Now!' by l. martineau.

for more of Reverend Julie, click here.


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