Thursday, February 19, 2009

outlaw pete

alternate title: life = expression in action

the first song on bruce springsteen's new album is entitled "outlaw pete."
you get an immediate sense of where the song is headed from the first stanza,
which is vintage springsteen:

"he was born a little baby on the appalacian trail
at six months old he'd done three months in jail
he robbed a bank in his diapers and his little bare baby feet
all he said was "folks my name is outlaw pete"

* life, whether it is a flower, a tree, or a human being... expresses itself (it cannot not). seems to cry out to the world "this is me!" wonder we have websites and blogs and facebook and bumper-stickers, etc. ..our clothing, our hair styles, even our walking styles transmit obvious messages long before we ever share conversation.

"outlaw pete" (even when he's a child) cries out to the world:
"i'm outlaw pete! ..i'm outlaw pete!
can you
hear me?"

* life communicates to that which is here, in the physical world. ..humans seem to have an innate need to relate with one another. ..sometimes we relate as lovers, sometimes as adversaries. ..either way, we have this need to be heard.

when "bounty hunter dan" pulls his gun on outlaw pete, he says:
"you're outlaw pete! .. you're outlaw pete.
can you
hear me? ..can you hear me?"

* life also communicates to the World Beyond this world. seems to have this Inner Knowing that it is headed on a transformational journey. (like a salmon in the river) has an instinctive, insatiable drive to return to its Source. ..some people even try to communicate with those who've already made the transition to the Next World.

pete's navajo wife/daughter ends this sad song by crying:
"outlaw pete? ..........outlaw pete!............
can you hear me? ..can you hear me?
can you hear me? ..can you hear me?
can you hear me? ..can you hear me?..
can you hear me?"

in the final analysis, life (by expressing) answers the most basic question "who am i?" with the most basic, True answer: "I Am."

lyrics excerpted from springsteen, bruce (2008). "outlaw pete"
from the cd "working on a dream."
produced by brendan o'brien

sidenote: as with many of springsteen's songs,
you might want to read the lyrics as you listen to the cut.
chances are you'll never hear this song on the radio,
because the song's running time is 7:57.
A+ (if you're a springsteen fan)

you can (literally) feel the pain when he sings:
"can you hear me?"

if you want to hear the song, click "play" (below) for the YouTube audio.


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