Wednesday, February 18, 2009

how to insert graphics

this is a quick lesson, for those of you who've asked how i insert graphics & pictures into the thoetry documents on "poem of the day."


* graphics by microsoft clipart.

note: if you ever want to add graphics to one of your microsoft documents, all you have to do is:

1. open microsoft word

2. click "view"

3. click "toolbars"

4. click "drawing" (a bunch of icons will pop up on your document). of the icons will look like someone's head. ..
.....................[in the (above) graphic, on the right-side, 5th row down, 5th icon in from the right.]
when you scroll your cursor over it, it will read "insert clipart."

5. click on that (the little head), and then you'll be routed to a box that allows you to put a keyword in a search engine (for the post entitled "private blog," i used the word "work" -- that's how i got those crazy gold guys, working [see february 18]).

6. when you search clipart, you'll usually be given several options of pictures or graphics to insert.
.....a. if you left-click, the graphic inserts into your document
.....b. if you right click, you get the option to "use graphic offline" which actually saves it as a picture in your "my pictures" folder. ..the reason that i do that, is because there's not a "clipart" option on this blog, so i have to insert pictures from my "my pictures" folder.

...anyway...the fun doesn't stop there:

7. once you've inserted a graphic from clipart into your word document, you should click on it (little squares will highlight it, around the edges).

8. then click on the "draw" option (part of your new selection of options that popped-up on your document when you select the "drawing" toolbar).

9. click "text wrapping" and you can decide whether you want the graphic to be "in front of text," "behind text," etc. ..i've found that, once you've assigned some type of "text wrapping" to your graphic, it's much easier to move the graphic around your document.

in addition, the "behind text" feature allows you to make great background "watermarks" behind your text. ..then you can use the "picture" toolbar to work with your watermark's brightness, contrast, etc.

as you can see, the "thoetry" can be a lot more creative than the blog, because sooo many options are available to you on microsoft word.

you'll jazz up your word documents with:

* fancy borders (in a variety of shades) around your pictures,
* cool "wordart,"
* and sooooo much more.

if you have any questions about graphics or pictures (e.g. "how did you get the thoem-picture on an angle?") just let me know and i'll help you in any way that i can.


.graphic by microsoft at

special note: as i went online to find a copy of this graphic, i learned that digital copyright law is confusing, when it comes to clipart. ..sometimes the clipart is "free use," and sometimes it isn't. ..the way i understand it (now) is that you cannot use microsoft clipart to illustrate chapters in books. ..if someone buys an e-book on, the theom in the book will not be accompanied by clipart graphics shown in the "poem of the day" section of

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