Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gas, then water: ice

Gas, then water: ice

by f. luidity

Air becomes the river,

flowing, liquid (nice)

take away the warmth and then the river becomes ice


* H2O represents a Trinity (three apparently separate substances, yet the Same stuff).

* if we could envision "Gas" as the Unseen (Spirit) and the water & ice as the seen (matter), then "ego" would be "a movement away from the Unseen." .."ice" would be the most ego-ic form of H2O.

* if "ice" were to think of itself as separate from water & air, its "false sense of separate self" would manifest as "hard, cold, & f-rigid." would be a "cold day in hell" (so to speak).

..........ego = fear = separation <<<<<<>>>>>> Love Is United (One)

* as "ego melts into Oneness," the ice re-Cognizes itself AS water, which (if its atoms vibrate at an even Higher Frequency), will re-Gognize it-Self as "non-matter."

* as a Gas, H2O (literally) IS the Life Force (prana, chi, etc.).

* if this world is a Giant Play, then "the seen" is what makes the scene. ..the Unseen, however, is the Source of that which makes the scene.

Gas, then water: ice

here's the cool part (in my humble opinion):

* ego (separation) is a necessary step toward pointing us in the Right direction, toward Love. ..instead of thinking of ego as another demon to battle, we can think of him as "love-backwards." ..we can use our ego-ic moments as feedback information, much like a pilot uses a warning-light as notification to take corrective action.

(inspired on february 18, 2009 by mohit singh, who said something about "melting the ego" during a morning meditation).

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