Sunday, February 8, 2009

flahsback: wish you were here

this (rough draft) video is from the back-end of a 2001 powerpoint slideshow that was created for my parents' 50th anniversary celebration. the blink of an eye, september 2008 marked al & jo's 57th anniverary.

time (even though it doesn't exist) flies when you're having fun.

anyway... to make a long story less long, this slideshow was chosen to end the night, 3-5 months prior to the actual anniversary party, which was on 9-15-01 (yes... four days after 911). ..if you remember, there were no flights. ..bruce springsteen actually wrote a song entitled "empty sky."

those who were driving were subjected to traffic checkpoints (especially around new york city). ..there was a a tremendous amount of anxiety. ..with that, over 160 people attended the anniversary party for al & jo. ..our family chose to make the event a celebration of family unity & gratitude, and i will never, ever forget the feeling.

the simplicity of this portion of the slideshow, coupled with the events surrounding 911, gave new meaning to mark wills' hit song "wish you were here."

slideshow pictures - (because of the nature of the song, i chose not to put any family pictures in this portion of the slideshow)

here's the chorus, which is what i want to say to YOU!

wish you were here
wish you could see this place
wish you were near
wish i could touch your face
...the weather's nice (it's paradise), it's summertime all year
...and all the folks we know, they say hello, i miss you so,
wish you were here

* the picture of the couple (hugging) is from microsoft clipart.
* the picture of the two, red beach chairs is from a publication about destin, florida.
* the rest were taken with my cheap 35-mm digital camera. :)

for a larger view of the video, facebook "friends" can find this draft on my facebook account, under "videos."


  1. One of my favorite pieces of 'Oh so sad' music. I remember not a dry eye was to be seen at the 50th Anniversary when this video was presented.

    Len, this reminds me...have you watched, 'PS, I Love You' yet? Get Jules and snuggle up to this movie. You won't be disappointed.

    :) Love You, Bro!

  2. hi, donna!

    i still cry when i listen to this one.

    not yet" on the "PS, i Love you" -- because i haven't stopped going since i got back from aruba!

    jules and i are soooooo busy doing things that we rarely (if ever) get time for a movie.

    it is on the list, though.