Wednesday, February 4, 2009


dateline, cincinnati: you have a tendency to make mental note of the emergency exit location when you detect icicles on the wing of your plane (below): may have to click on the pic (it should enlarge) to get a good look at the ice.

below: the baggage handlers couldn't get their vehicle to back up (in the snow/ice), so one of them had to sit on the conveyor-belt -- to weigh down the rear tires. ..the guy up front is pushing.

below: this is what "de-icing" looks like, from the inside of your airplane.

...or was that... aliens?

by the way, could you tell that there was a slight "time delay" between the loading phase and the de-icing phase (above)?

and finally, below: just when you thought you were safe in north carolina, you wake up to this...

chief osceola is not acclimated to anything north of tallahassee, florida.

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