Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"private blog"

in addition to pursuing a non-conventional work-life, i'm also in the process of applying for several conventional jobs.

with that in mind, i decided to "privatize" my blog, meaning that it is no longer "out there" for the world to see. ..some prospective employers might find some of my "viewpoints" somehow threatening.

google allows for "100 readers" when you switch a blog to "private," and (if you are reading this), i've selected you as someone who has the option. ..translation: i care about your thoughts.

of Course, there is no pressure for you to "do" anything... unless you ever want to share a post with someone "on the outside" (at which point i'd have to add their name to the list). ..if you know of someone who used to read the blog, but can no longer "get in," please send me their e-mail address and i'll fix the problem.

i may not have added all of the family/friends correctly, so let me know if someone has a probelm getting in. ..again, all they have to do is contact me and i'll add them to the list.

once i've secured myself in a job situation (or once i've gone completely non-traditional with work), i'll open the blog back up to the e-universe.

until then, thank you for being an important part of my existence.


graphics from microsoft clipart


  1. That is way to much work for my little brain to assimilate... but I am going to FILE IT away, for further scrunitiziiiing!
    Sonia D-).

  2. Thank you for including me in your inner sanctum Lenny. I trust your search will lead you to your bliss expressed in the world, conventional or not.
    Thinking outside of the box and being open to Divine Creativity is what I am practicing right now as well. How can I serve? is my guiding question.
    Love ya, Linda

  3. Linda!

    That is such a GREAT attitude, and a GREAT guiding question. Can I borrow it? -Len

  4. Sonia!

    Yeah, the "how to insert graphics" part of this post was a little much, so I moved it to another post, entitled "how to insert graphics."