Sunday, February 15, 2009

bad apple

bad apple 1

by bonita a. dapple

yeah, he was a bad apple

just be-ing what he would

though rotten to the core, the local worms just called him “good”

through dis-array and death’s decay he then became a seed

and then (of course), without remorse, a resurrection: tree

and then (again), like an old friend, he bore a bounty: fruit

yeah, he was a bad apple, a bad apple in his youth

1. martineau, leonard. (9-24.4-2004). book 34: sunny sky. © 2008 (poem of the day, 24 september). graphic from microsoft clipart.


  1. This is so true of life, of growing up.....
    Thanks Lenny!

  2. Thank you, Sonia!

    That thoem wrote itself in 2004, and seems to soften the apparent boundaries between things like "bad/good" & "right/wrong."

    As they say in "A Course In Miracles," a miracle is defined as "a shift in perspective."