Monday, February 23, 2009

"versa-vice" (analysis)

--> someone asked about the thought process that went into "versa-vice."

to be honest, i rarely think when a thoem is being written.

i try to figure them out (if possible) later.

at the outset, any analysis of "Spirit" is an exercise in futility.

there is not a "right" answer, nor would i ever propose that anything i write is right.

that being said...


* “versa-vice” is the backwards version of “vice-versa,” or “the other way around.” .. it pokes a little fun into the idea that “this world” is but a reflection of the Real World (e.g. Spirit).

* what we see (in the mirror) appears to be reality, but it’s backwards. a similar way, ego is “love-backwards,” which is fear, which is (really) a cry for love, which is love, well…backwards.

* the digestive system is actually “on the outside” of the body. ..since the system is open, humans are actually like donuts who process food through the center. ..wha???

* Spiritual musings often take on a “paradoxical” quality, because we are talking about two or three different levels at the Same time. water (which can be solid, liquid, or gaseous), Spirit Is All -- at One(ce).

* …so now this thoem has come “full-circle” (so to speak), from a song with “no meaning” to that of a deep, Spirit-as-mirror-as-matter thought: Perfectly backwards, forward, inside-out and upside-down.

((you asked...))


sidenote: the backwards version of “the other way around” is forward.
the human condition (chaotic, egoic, unfulfilled, imperfect…)

is the very reflection of Perfection.

sidenote, too: human language often gives us hidden clues:

notice what happens when we place an apostrophe after the "i" in imperfect.

* graphic by microsoft clipart

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