Wednesday, January 28, 2009

veteran dad

on monday, february 2nd, my father will be presented with all of his military service medals at the office of representative kennedy (rhode island).

since dad turned 85 years young in august (click here for the 9-minute "happy birthday" video), and since none of us are pulling a brad pitt and experiencing age-reversal, i've decided to jump on a plane and experience the moment.

in advance, here's to you, dad, and to all of the young men & women who commit to support & defend the constitution of the united states -- with their lives, if necessary.


  1. I think it's great that your Dad will be honored and that you will be a part of the celebration.... I have my Dad's medals (he was a POW- captured in France)... and I have the flag that draped his military burial...

  2. Sonia,
    Thank you so much for the comment. Your dad was a POW? Wow. It's impossible to even fathom that. I've got a buddy (Jim Casey) that went through the toughest, 10-day school in the US Army -- SEER School. He says that even being a POW for a few days is hell, and cannot be described in words.

    And you are right...I feel that the importance of attending this event is Huge.

    Here's to friends & family & relationships. That's Truly what it is all about.

    Here's to your dad, also!

  3. Those of you who know Lenny will quickly figure out that Dad is second from the right in this photo.

    Spittin' image!

    May I add my thanks and admiration for ALL the "Veteran Dad's" (AND "Veteran Mom's", "Brothers" and "Sisters")past and present. We owe them all the greatest respect.

    xoxoxo, clare

  4. Thank-you for the "toast" to my father, Nick.... he was a great man....
    Be safe...

  5. I know your dad will be proud to be ''honored '' ,but I think the greatest honor will be ,that you are there to share the moment .
    It is great to have parents still pressent , I lost my father at 13 , so I can only say ,give him all the love you can ,while you can
    love and hugs britta

  6. I agree.

    And, when they are no longer here, they can still live on, in our memory banks.

    That's why I LOVE still photographs. They can capture a love-ing moment that will be revisited... again and again and again. -Len