Saturday, January 10, 2009

'neau time like the Present

'neau time like the Present (1)

by marti neaus (inspired by the 'neau net http//

‘neau time like the Present

a time for rhyme and prose

life is Here & Now (this time), or so the story goes


* “ ‘neau time like the Present” has multiple meanings, of Course. ..let’s break it down:

* ‘neau time: anytime when the martineaus get together for a G∞d time. ..birthdays, anniversaries, re-unions, parties… even wakes and funerals would fall into this category. ..when any two ‘neaus are gathered together, it’s ‘neau time, baby!

above: steve & lenny martineau (circa de 2004?)

"we'll be there in 'neau time."

* ‘neau time: quantum physics tells us that “time” is a construct of relativity, and that time (as we ‘neau it) doesn’t exist. ..the best way to conceptualize this is the way that richard bach describes it, in chapter 8 of his book, “illusions”:


envision your life like a movie, like a d.v.d...

is yours a drama, an action-flick, romance, a my-story???

…anyway… the whole video is present, at any given moment. isn’t really Real, but it becomes "reel" when we project it on a screen, and we get lost in our own Play. ..although we tend to view move-ies chrono-logically, we can choose to rewind (re-live the past), fast-forward (predict our future), etc. ..with newer videos, we can even choose different endings!

when we're "in" the movie, we experience (the illusion of) time. Reality, the Play Is Whole. ..the whole concept of time changes, when all of the world is a stage.

questions to ask oneself:

1. have i ever watched the same movie, over and over? ..hmmmmmmmm.

2. what kind of an ending am i choosing, today?

3. if the Play is Really happening Now... and if i am the director (as well as the actor)... can't i influence the next scene?

according to eckhart tolle’ (in “the power of Now” and “a New earth”), the Present is a gift that allows us to connect with our Spiritual nature. ..have you ever noticed how “getting Present” is exhilarating?

addictions are addictive because of their present-centered rush. ..emotions cause us to “feel” in the present. ..orgasms are the ultimate example of sharing a present-centered moment.

we can become more Present, in a healthy sense, via meditation, prayer, breathing, yoga, exercise, love-making, art, poetry, etc., etc.

this thoem has reminded me of all of the martineau moments that have captured the essence of Presence. ..we (in the ‘neau) tend to experience Presents via laughter.

i’d like to take this moment to thank all of you out there (even you no-‘neaus), for sharing your Presents with me.

with gratitude,



note: if everyone and everything is One, then (in Reality) there's 'neau such thing as a no-'neau.

-and that's a good thing to know.


PS: i’ve just changed the title of book 65 from “new(s)” to “ ‘neau news is G∞d news” (below):

martino, j. & martineau, l. (1-10.1-2009). book 65: ‘neau news is G∞d news. © 2009



  1. You guys seem like you're having a lot of fun. Just wanted to chime in that there is nothing that isn't what it is, perfect as it is, including those things that seem to be "wrong" or repellent, i.e. the apparent trashing of planet Earth. It is not easily seen, but seen it is. Just remember that even if the Cern particle collider goes terribly wrong and "we" all seem to be annihilated in a black hole of swirling nothingness, it is just Oneness, black-holing. It changes nothing, there is nothing to change, it wouldn't matter in the slightest to absolute being. Or oneness, or whatever we're attempting to call it "today". Of course, the story of having a profound urge to protect Mother Earth and act upon that is perfect too. Whatever seems to be happening is absolutely what it is, perfect as it is. No one can seek what they already are. No one can teach any other apparent individual to be. There is no one who needs to awaken, there is no one. But keep up the vaguely looney activities, they are lovely to behold.

  2. wow. you said it All.

    ** to no one in particular, whoever you are:

    you are Truly an En-Light-ened part-i-cular-ization of the ONE...

    (whatever THAT Is :)

    please feel Free to comment on this blog at any time of your own choosing, because "I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT." :)

    i particular-ly Love your takes about Perfection, Oneness, and non-seeking. after All, there's a seeker born every minute.

    your take on the Cern particle collider had me (internally) yelling "Yes!" and laughing out loud.

    i hope that i Know you, but even if you are only a one-time blip on this frequency, please Know this:

    your comment made my Son-day much sunnier!

    big smiles, Right Now,

  3. to no One in Particular,

    one more thing. please check out the following posts, as you will relate:

    * matter = Light
    * E = mc (squared)

    both were posted on 11-23-08.

    i hope you like 'em!