Saturday, January 24, 2009

slumdog millionaire

to understand this post, you've had to have seen the movie... but anyway...


when that day comes...
...when i re-Cognize that i've met my one, True, Love...

be no more need to run,
...there'll be no more need to travel alone, to exotic destinations, and
......there'll be no more need to get into solo adventures...

because she is the exotic,
...because she is the adventure, and
......because she is that which i've been running toward...

...for the whole of my entire life.

i KNOW that you are out there, and
...i will keep searching for you, until that lucky day when we've found each other.

and so it is written.



  1. "slumdog millionaire" is Truly inspiring. -Len

  2. Len,

    I open your blog. I can picture this woman - not her face - not her body - but her spirit. I picture her as kind, open, and warm. Someone we will all feel comfortable with. Someone who lights up your face when she walks into the room. She will be so special and so blessed, because she is loved completely by you. Your devotion to each other will be evident to all who are lucky enough to share your lives.

    I Love ya,

  3. Thank you, Jean!!!!!!!!!!!

    She'll have to pass the Jean-test, first (of course)!

    ...BTW, if you DO begin to picture her (face, body, etc.) please let me know, so that I can recognize her in advance.

    PS: I like your psychic predictions!