Friday, January 9, 2009

oh, 'neau!

okay, call me 'neau-sy, but...

can you help me on this? ..wIe'd like to 'neau your poem titles with the word "'neau" in the title (please add yours as a comment, or e-mail).


* oh, 'neau, not again!

* all work, 'neau play (clare's idea)

* in the 'neau

* 'neau way

* hell, 'neau!

* yes and 'neau

* 'neau it all

* 'neau place like Home

* the lights are on, but 'neau-body's Home

* how would YOU 'neau?

* 'neau parking

* 'neau loitering

* 'neau passing

* 'neau can do!

...and on, and on, and on...

(inspired by the "neau-net," where 'neau news is good news)

by the way, if you're confused, "martineau" is pronounced "m-art-in-oh," with the accent on the "arrrrrrrrrr" (and 'neau is pronounced "no").

question: are we descended from pirates???



  1. Clare just sent me these:

    * 'neau shoes, 'neau shirt, 'neau problem (or service)

    * 'neau-body 'neaus the trouble i've seen

    * You don't wanna 'neau

    * 'neaus for news

    * 'neau one 'neaus for sure

    * brown 'neaus

    * 'neau soup for you!!! (sorry, jerry seinfeld...)

    * 'neau way out

    * do you 'neau what i 'neau?

    * i 'neau! But i won't tell you!!!

    * 'neau smoking

    * 'neau fly zone

    * 'neau flies on me

    * i 'neau a secret

    * 'neau wake zone

    * 'neau-ing what to do

    * get your 'neaus out of my business

    * 'neau dogs allowed

    * 'neau time like the present

    * kimo-'neau

    * domi-'neaus

    * bottle 'neaus

    * 'neau-stalgia

    * 'neau-stradamus

    * 'neau-bility

    * on the 'neaus

    * like the 'neaus on your face

    * 'neau it like the back of your hand

    * i 'neau that!!! (julia's favorite saying)

    and our favorite:
    * I dunn-'neau

    Now, I don't 'neau much, but THAT is an AWESOME list :)

    'neau worries,

  2. Clare just let me know that Jerry was in on the action, in the creation of the last list of 'neaus... PLUS they sent even more ideas:

    * 'neau hunting

    * 'neau fishing

    * 'neau leaning back in my $40 chairs!

    * 'neau-tify

    * 'neau-vella

    * 'neau-vena

    * 'neau fault of our own

    * imma 'neau-mad

    * 'neau-tary public

    * i'd like to 'neau where you got the 'neau-tion

    * 'neau-where man

    * 'neau-vember

    * 'neau thyself

    * 'neau-how

    * s-'neau shovel

    * in-'neau-vative

    * 'neau unauthorized personnel

    * 'neau-lo contendre

    * 'neau-body loves me!

    * rudolph the red 'neaus reindeer

    * up your 'neaus with a rubber hose

    * the first 'neau-el


    xoxoxo, us

    Wow. NOW, you 'neau where I get it all from.

    Yours, in True mania,
    -Lenny Marti-neau

  3. Bro,

    I like the "Wow's".
    I guess the "Joe 'Neau" effect is rubbing off on all of us.

    Love you bunches, you cassa-'neau-va!

    xoxoxo, i dunn'neau

  4. 'Neau Kidding!!!

  5. donnababy!

    good to have you, up here in wIe blogland.

    be... very... afraid...