Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"you're not sick, you're thirsty" (part 1)

in "your body's many cries for water," f. batmangheldj recites the title of this post, and says that water is the cure for many of today's dis-ease processes.

is it possible that the "placebo effect" and other healing experiences are facilitated by the water that is consumed -- along with the prescribed pill?

maybe... the common denominator is:

"space" created by hydration, massage therapy, relaxation techniques, yoga, exercise, etc. allows for increased circulation (lymphatic, cardio-respiratory, nutritional, energetic), and this increase in circulation acts a cleansing agent for the human body.

in nature, we have wind, rivers, tides, evaporation, rain, daily sun-cycles, and seasonal temperature cycles that act to "circulate" chi (or prana).

maybe... the key to healing is to allow the miraculous things we call "bodies" to harmonize with the natural ebbs & flows that surround us.


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