Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's day bowl game (georgia v. m.s.u.)

jim (casey) used to be the professor of military science at the university of georgia.


jim's son fed-exed tickets for the georgia - michigan state game, in orlando, florida.

jim let me borrow a georgia bulldog shirt and we drove from tampa to orlando for tailgating and growling/barking like bulldogs.

above: jim, on georgia street, key west -- and standing in front of the georgia bulldog cadillac, at the bowl game in orlando.

below: i couldn't betray my f.s.u. roots, so i donned a pair of florida state university seminole sunglasses, in order to take the trash-talking to a new level.

below: lenny attempts to scalp two (extra) tickets, because jim and i couldn't find last-minute dates. ..where have all of the fun-loving, single girls gone????

note the multiple personality: u.g.a. shirt and f.s.u. glasses

in the bowl game, the universtiy of georgia prevailed with a couple of second-half touchdowns, 24-12. ..the michigan fans showed class, however, even in defeat. ..maybe they were just happy to be out in the sun instead of shoveling snow.

as it is with most bowl games in florida, several different colleges were represented in the audience. .. university of florida (gator) fans could be seen, chomping and slopping around, paying homage to tim tebow and oozing a quiet confidence prior to the national championship game against oklahoma.
..sidenote... don't they know that orange doesn't go with blue?

the seminole sunglasses seemed to draw attention wherever we went, so jim and lenny were consistently called upon to share in-depth, play-by-play analysis of the game.

the stadium was like a sea of red & black (bulldog colors), except for a patch of green (michigan state fans) on the south-west side.

oh... uh... and for you northerners, the temperature was a tepid 70 degrees, down from 78 (yesterday in tampa).

...sorry :)


  1. You 78 degreesers make us ill.

    We (the hardy New Englanders) were shivering in 12 degree weather yesterday (wind chill -4).

    Rubbing it in was expected, so we are not angry with you --- just jealous.

    Glad you're having a good/warm time!

    xoxoxo, us

  2. Yes, it was nice.

    I'm back in NC now, and chillin'