Monday, January 12, 2009

meditation, yoga, LOA & Heaven

today at yoga, our guide (mohit singh) mentioned the benefits of meditation.

he also stated that, if one meditates, s/he doesn't have "renounce" anything. ..we don't have to alter our Spiritual beliefs, become a vegan, or sit on top of a mountain (for months at a time).

we can choose to, but we don't have to.

i had to chuckle when mohit said "why would someone want to renounce something?"

left: mohit, in the middle of a "kid-yoga" class. ..he's the big kid, wearing white.

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using LOA (Law of Attraction) logic, the "renouncing" of any thing could actually result in more of a thought-focus on said "thing," and therefore would bring more of that thing to us.

sample questions to ask oneself:

* have i ever tried to "lose" weight, only to gain?
* have i ever worried about finances, only to get more financial stuff to worry about?
* have i ever thought that someone didn't like me, thereby altering my behavior towards them, only to perpetuate the self-fulfilling prophecy?

yesterday, reverend julie (Unity Center for Spiritual Living) said "if you really believe that there's no way you can do something, what do you think that your chances are of ever doing it?"

left: jules

we live in a relative world where our experience is largely (if not totally) determined by our own, inner thoughts (beliefs, fears, paradigms). Essence, we are what we think.

meditation allows us to practice non-thought, along with "shifting" away from random thought back to some kind of centering device (e.g. the breath).

this "shift" can be put to extremely beneficial use in our everyday moments, when we find ourselves thinking negatively. ..a shift to Loving Feelings will literally transform a hellacious experience into Heaven. (have you ever "lost that lovin' feelin'? did it feel?)


shift happens.

...but we can determine that which we choose to focus on, as we become more aware.

meditation, yoga & LOA practices are just a few of the countless techniques that can literally trans-form our lives.

if we've choosen to Play in the world of form (hint, hint... if you're here, you have...), why not In-Joy the experience?


notes: the four steps in the "Happy Now!" workshop:
1. recognize the negative cue
2. breathe
3. shift focus (to gratitude, understanding, etc.)
4. observe how you feel
(repeat as necessary)

---------epilogue: we can't not In-Joy the experience. ..even those who are miserable are choosing their misery roles, and, on a different Level, are very much Into the experience. ..if life lasts only a Uni-Verse-All nano-second, then our roles amount to a quick "reality-show." ..right now, i'd choose a medatative "sit-calm." over reality tv, every time!  :)

for more of this epilogue-weirdness, see the third comment in "the story that seems to unfold" 11 January, 2009 (the comment should post-up sometime on 13 or 14 january); or see "secret vow" (poem of the day, 06 january,

meditation picture (top of page) from microsoft clipart. pics of mohit and reverend julie from their respective websites.

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